This blog is about reconciling the two worlds of disability understanding. On one side are the strong voices of activists in the disability community. On the other is the well meaning but naïve/ ignorant able bodied population who see disability as something pitiable. As an able bodied person who has realized the very compelling and interesting arguments about society and life coming from the disability community, I am compelled to referee the exchanges between the two sides. Often times it seems that everyone is speaking so loudly and with such great conviction that the other doesn't even listen. Since I am not personally motivated by either side, I can weigh both sides of the arguments and hopefully facilitate an open and accepting space for both sides to express themselves and learn about each other. Please join the discussion!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today in Awesome: Ski Chair

Unsafe at any speed.

This ranks right up there with the crutch locked to the bike rack in my profile photo.

[Visual description: A white wire-framed chair with a handicapped symbol on it and fastened to yellow skis on the bottom]

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